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There are many aspects of interests in a Church Service. However, the focal point of a Church Service is the Sermon. It is the singular objective towards which all other parts of the service are connected. Sermons are intended to uncover Scriptural truths and to derive applications for our lives. We need instructions to live our lives in a manner that pleases God. Those instructions come from God's guide book for us, the Bible.

Christians recognize the value of being taught from God's Word. However, many times we find ourselves in situations where we neither have the time nor the training required to flesh out truths from God's Word. We often assume that we understand what we read, but we are unable to understand the big picture. Many times, we focus on the least important and ignore the most important. We need people equipped with skills to study and understand Scripture and who can draw out lessons of application from a text and explain it to us.

iChristian Ministries presents to you a collection of sermons from various preachers. The sermons are categorized by topics, preachers, and series. We invite you to browse through our collection of sermons to listen at your leisure for your spiritual enrichment. For any questions please use the Online Inquiry tab.