Holy Matrimony, the first institution set up by our Creator Himself, is no less significant today as it was back when it was first started. A Christian marriage, founded on the principles of God’s Word, is a reflection of the love and unity amongst the members of the Godhead. Back in the Garden of Eden, God created man and woman, and on presenting the woman to man, He clearly directed them that the man and woman would henceforth be one – two individuals now one in a new relationship under God. And so the Church has traditionally held the view that male and female would come together in a new relationship and would perpetuate God’s plan for the family and thereby for the world, in obedience to what He had earlier mandated.

Marriage is to be held in great honor and not to be entered into lightly, as we hear so often during a wedding ceremony; God places a high value on the institution of marriage and as we read in the Bible, on occasion considers His relationship with His people as that resembling a husband and wife. And it is perhaps for this reason that many still accord significance to the marriage ceremony between a man and a woman and desire to have it take place in a church setting.

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