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Pastoral Care

In times of distress, having someone walk with you or listen to you infuses you with a sense of hope and strength to face the trial. iChristian Ministries, in partner with various churches, is committed to servicing the needs of people who need help, be it spiritual, physical, or emotional.

Very often it is easier talking to someone with experience and knowledge of handling situations in matters that concern our spiritual and emotional well-being. Most people consider the Pastor to be that someone who comes alongside in time of need and offers hope, counsel, prayers, and aid as the situation warrants. The bond that is cultivated over a period of time and the confidence a Pastor is able to instill in his congregation form the basis of trust for people to confide in him. While teaching and preaching constitute the main responsibility of the pastoral ministry, its extent reaches far beyond the Sunday morning sermon. Another aspect to the Pastor and his ministry, that is far less visible to most people, is that he is busy in the life of the congregation through the week while also being involved in preparations for his sermons. Those responsibilities include counseling, discipling, disciplining, visiting the sick and shut-ins, and having one-on-one meetings with different people for encouragement or just friendship.

If you would like to schedule a meeting with a Pastor or a Priest, please feel free to put in a request by clicking on the ‘Online Inquiry’ tab on your web page.